Timeline | 3 Months
Skills | Design Thinking-Sketching-3D Modeling-Rendering
Category | Outdoor Gear
Sponsored By | Lifetime Brands
Problem Statement
Current backpacking stoves lack in stability and versatility for cooking well-rounded meals.
Summit Chef
Versatile Backpacking Stove
Elevated Cooking
Current backpacking stoves are specifically designed for boiling water to cook freeze dried meals. The Summit Chef is the first backpacking stove that encourages a more elegant outdoor cooking experience.
⚠ Bland Freeze Dried Meals ⚠
Gourmet Meals
User Research
  • Large market for "casual adventurers"
  • Most people camp in groups of 2-3
  • Heat control and stove stability are highly valued
  • Pots are more common than pans
Expert Interview
Chef Corso
Age : 40
Occupation : Outdoor Cooking Educator
"I want people to be able to cook amazing meals outside without having to spend a whole day prepping"
Key Takeaways
  • Stove versatility comes from proper heat distribution
  • Stability is highly important
  • Most backpacking sutiable recipes involve combining dried foods (pasta, grains, etc.) and fresh foods (proteins and veggies)
There's a market opportunity for a stove that offers the versatility of a two burner architecture with the weight of a wireframe backpacking stove.
Develop a compact dual burner backpacking stove for the ultimate versatile and portable cooking experience.
Core Principles
Group Cooking
Heat Distribution
I mainly used FDM printing to mockup and refine various mechanism for setting up and packing the stove.
Final Solution
The Summit Chef is the worlds first ultralight, collapsible stove for backpackers. Featuring an innovative opening mechanism inspired by military bridge systems, this stove can expand from 6" to 14" wide for the ultimate cooking experience. With two wide-flame burners, backpackers can comfortably cook a variety of meals.