Timeline | 3 Months
Skills | Business Strategy-Design Thinking-Sketching-3D Modeling-Rendering
Category | Outdoor Recreation
Problem Statement
With the growth in EV ownership and outdoor recreation, there is an opportunity for a modern approach to car camping products that feature innovative relationships with electric vehicles.
Profile Base Camp
My Role
As one of seven designers on the team, I played a key role in identifying a market opportunity, developing a design brief, researching competitors, developing concepts for all products, and refining the design of the water management products within the system.
Market Trends
Sales in camping and electric vehicles are on the rise. Additionally battery technology is rapidly improving with Toyota projecting battery ranges well over 700 miles by 2040.
Market Opportunity
With GE Profile already positioned in the RV market, we proposed that a car camping line could double the consumer base for our outdoor recreation products.
Product System
Sandstorm Silver - Yellow accents call attention to touchpoints and follow emerging trends in outdoor gear and consumer tech
Throughout the ideation process we ensured that each product fit within our overarching system and was a necessary component in the holistic camping experience.
Product Packages
These 3 packages represent our suggested approach for sales. Each product interfaces with the other in a unique way; as you expand the system, you unlock new interactions between each product.
Design Process
While refining the design of each product, I was tasked with designing the water and cleaning system. Here is my process for each product...
A water pump and heating module for washing dishes, filling up water bottles, washing hands, etc...

Camp Faucet

Water jugs for clean and gray water. These jugs are designed to seamlessly interface with the Camp Faucet and Shower Rack.

Water Storage

A rooftop water storage and shower system. This system works with the Profile Water Containers to complete the Profile Base Camp ecosystem.

Shower Rack