Timeline | 1 Months
Skills | Design Thinking-Sketching-3D Modeling-Rendering
Category | Kitchen Accessories
Problem Statement
Knife sharpening is a tedious and skillful task , how can we design a sharpener that belongs in the kitchen and provides the best user experience.
ReadyBlade Knife Sharpener
Effortless Sharpening
An automatic knife sharpener, much like an electric pencil sharpener.
My Role
I was tasked with designing the concept from the ground up. Besides the internal geometry, I was given complete creative freedom for this concept. My final deliverable was to create realistic visual assets to be used for marketing and sales research.
Being the first automated knife sharpener, I wanted to feature the technology inside. I tried to create a form that evoked a sense of precision and speed through the development.



Basil Green

Retro Orange